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When it is said to have an excellent customer service experience?

“An experience of a customer that turns the customer into lifetime customer, he then shares his experience with others.”, I think this is how feeling of excellent customer service experience will be. An excellent experience can create a positive word of mouth environment for your service.

Providing a good service is not too hard. It just requires a little genuine and sometimes little extra efforts. However, as the end result you will win the customer for lifetime.

Why one should try to provide excellent customer service experience?

Being a customer we always prefer the place to buy from where customer is being given more importance. Real experiences earns our real trust and make us visit the store. I believe It can have more power than paid advertisements also. Hence, providing a good customer service will might not bring you monitory value at the time you provide it, but sooner or later it will repay you and I am sure it will help in making more profit.

The next question come to us is how to do this? There are different ways of doing so. It depends on your service / product, customer service rules and importance, business rules, approach and some more things. To get answer for this question, I have given here some real stories where businesses have practically made this dream real. As you read them, you will get ideas on your own for your business and customer service team.

Stories of great Customer service that you will love to know about

1) A three year little girl made Sainsbury’s rename their Tiger bread to Giraffe bread

Many times children asks questions that we do not have answers of. Such as, Why is this like this? Why it’s not like that?  What is it? Etc… One common question I too thought in my childhood was – Why earth is round!? Why not square? Hehe… 😀 Sometimes those questions seem like worth to think about. It happened same at the Sainsbury’s store in May 2011. A three year old girl named Lily Robinson had an interesting question. The question was for Sainsbury’s one of the product named – Tiger bread. Question was – “Why is Tiger bread called tiger bread? It should be called giraffe bread”. She wrote a letter with this question to Sainsbury’s. She had a right question however. The bread looks like in the image given below:

Lily's Customer Service Experience - Tigerbread

As we realize from this image that Lily was correct. Chris King – A clever customer manager also recognized this. He wrote back to Lily with this reply: “I think renaming tiger bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea – it looks much more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes on a tiger, doesn’t it?

It is called tiger bread because the first baker who made it a looong time ago thought it looked stripey like a tiger. Maybe they were a bit silly.”

With this little Lily got £3 gift card as well.

Lily's Customer Service Experience - Chris King Letter

Lily’s mom loved it so much to put it on her blog. Further, this incident went viral. Just think of a brand trust lots of people would had on the Salisbury’s after listening this incident. I am having a trust on them for sure once I heard about this.

2) Southwest:

Southwest's Excellent Customer Service Experience

When it comes to customer service, Southwest class apart. Their service is more than just outstanding.  There are many overwhelming customer service stories that these guys have served.

From their lots of stories, I came to know one of the heart touching story that you will like to read for sure. This is a story of “Nancy and her husband” for their grand son. Before I tell the story in my words, I would like that Nancy’s own words come to you. You feel the same I felt while knowing about it.


Original Source:

3) Another example of inspiring Customer story from Southwest:

There are plenty of examples of Southwest customer service which have helped them bringing and keeping their customer with them. I too could not resist including both experiences from them only while writing this post. In this case, one regular customer became a regular customer buying the air tickets regularly 3-4 per year. Here is the customer’s own words about their service:

“I read a number of the negative reviews for Southwest. While I don’t doubt each writer’s experience, mine could not have been more different. I go from San Jose to Los Angeles for work about four times a year. I tend to use the Wanna get away ticket since its cheaper. Last time I was there I stopped to visit a friend in the hospital and missed my return flight. When I showed up, expecting to have to buy a return ticket and hoping it was not going to be too much, the ticket agent just put me on the next flight at no charge. A couple weeks ago I booked another flight. Last week I was told a meeting would be in the afternoon not the morning. I called Southwest and they just booked me on a later return flight, again no cost and immediately sent the confirmation. Most of my friends who use Southwest have had similar experiences. Again I’m not doubting what the folks wrote about their negative experiences but mine are just the opposite. Go Southwest.”

I found that San Jose shared his experience on

I am sure that San Jose is doing his all year’s air travel through Southwest airlines now because of the experience he had. It was just a simple and dedicate efforts for their service to their customer.

What’s your experience as a customer?

Most of us will have a good or bad experience from any service or store. Do you have any experience for receiving or providing a nice customer service? Or for a bad service? It can be anything. I would love to know and share with others here. Do share in comments below.

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