How to enable site search reporting in Google Analytics

Data has become so important in today’s competitive world. Quality and quantity wise healthy data helps in improvising sales a lot. Not just sales, it also helps in improvising the service, processes, products, etc…

And what role Google analytics plays in this? Google Analytics obviously plays a vital role in gathering data for any online business. One can use the data in multiple ways to benefit their business.

Site search in Google Analytics is also one of such feature which helps you to gather some important data. You must be having a search box on your website. Right? Do you know what people are searching through this search box? What words do they use? Google Analytics allows you to record users search keywords from the search box.

What is Site Search in Google Analytics?

Site search provides numbers and data about certain things, such as:

  1. Searched keywords on the website.
  2. Keywords that gave no results
  3. Pages visited immediate after site search by visitors
  4. Search categories being used (Optional)

How to enable internal search reporting in Google Analytics?


We need to do some preparation before we head to configuration. And the preparation is finding the query parameter. “What is Query parameter?” Query parameter is a keyword / variable name used to identify that words given by user in an input box is for certain request. Here the request is search request. When we search on a website, it passes our input combining with such a parameter in browser URL.

To find the search query parameter for your website, search on your website. URL of the search page must be something like this:

Query parameter appears after “?” question mark and before “=” equal sign in the URL. In above example it is “s”. If your website is WordPress based, the query parameter is “s”. Once Query Parameter is found we can move to configuration.


Login to your Google Analytics account. Go to Admin > View > View Settings.

google analytics admin

Enable the option: “Site search Tracking” under “Site Search Settings”.

Site Search Settings

The next field is “Query parameter”. Here specify the query parameter of the search page URL that you found in preparation.

Next option is “Strip query parameters out of URL”. It is optional. It strips only the query parameters of the search URL. Hence, It will ignore the others. For example if query parameter is “s” and if this option is enabled then it will ignore the URLs containing parameters like search, sr, se, etc… It matches exactly.

The last option “Site search categories” is also optional. If you are not using categories for site search, keep it OFF.

If you are using categories for site search, turn it ON. In this, provide the category parameter the same way you provided for query parameter.

You are done! Click on “Save”.

Are you facing any problems here? Do let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to help.

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