WordPress Installation Service F.A.Q

  • What is WordPress Installation service? and how it helps in making my website quickly?

Many people spent their important initial time in watching online stuff about how to install WordPress, which theme is best, which web host I should choose, etc...? So, this searvice helps them getting answers of all these question. The beauty is that we also install all the plugins which any WordPress website needs. So you will save your lots of time here. Instead of thinking which plugin I should install, what settings I should do, you will be able to concentrate on what content my website will have directly.

  • Why it is free?

You get the service for free. We earn from the hosting you buy which you had to buy anyway to make your website live.

  • What is the difference between paid and free service?

Tasks within both the services are same. If you have not purchased your host then Free installation service package is best. I provide you the free installation service and afterward, you buy the hosting from my referral link. We both win! If you have a web host already, I provide the installation service through the paid package which costs $69.

  • Will there be any extra cost if I buy the web host from your referral link?

Not at all. There will not be any extra cost for the hosting if you buy from any one of my reference links. Instead, I will recommend you the best host and best plan suitable for your website which will be cost effective too. My recommended web hosts are: Bluehost, FlyWheel. Send me a query at “Catchme [at] vishakhapatel (dot) in” if you are looking for any other web host.

  • How do you work after my request?

I will install the website on my web host if you not have one and show you the demo. You can play with it and once you want me to make it online on live host whether yours or mine, I will make it live. You don’t need to worry about how to install and all stuff. You can start editing the content of your website, right away then.

  • What do I need to provide you for the installation?

I will need theme zip file mandatory and website hosting login details optional. You can share the theme by using Dropbox. Then just take rest and all will be handled by me.

  • Does this service include coding?

Our WordPress installation service does not include coding. For any further help regarding coding, please get in touch.

  • Can you help me set up pages with my own content?

Yes, I can help you setting up more pages as well. You just need to provide me the content and I will integrate them into the website. The basic cost of content migration is $10 per page. It also depends on the complexity and simplicity of the pages. There will be a discount for bulk pages.

  • What if I am not happy with the installation?

Get back to me with the changes needed and we will find a solution together. 🙂

  • How long you take to do the installation?

Standard time required would be 24 business hours for the installation. 24 hours is a maximum timeline. So that you can get the site ready as quick as possible.

  • I have another question.

Don't worry. Write me at “Catchme [at] vishakhapatel (dot) in”. I will get back to you asap.