WordPress comes with lots of advantages. One of them is there is at least one theme, plugin or script available for almost everything in WordPress.

In my last article – How to enable site search report in Google Analytics, we learned how to configure site search in Google Analytics. In this article I am gonna show you guys another method of tracking keywords instantly from your WordPress website search.

Benefits of tracking search keywords:

  • Know what site visitors are looking for
  • Know how much content is missing
  • Can improvise the SEO/marketing strategy from the statistics

The first and very most important benefit is that you will have some data of the search keywords on your website. From there you can take some decisions such as:

UI Improvisation: Is your visitor able to find the content easily from the website navigation? For example, if something is present there in your website and still people search for it frequently that means the particular information need to have an important space on the website. So that people can find it easily.

Get new content ideas: If your visitors continuously looking for a particular term, content for which is not available on the website you can easily decide what to add next in your blog list.

SEO: If you are targeting some keyword, and find that there are very less search for that keyword in your website then it is time to think about what your visitors are looking for. May be they are using some another term for the same service or product?

As time passes, you will get more useful insights when you will spend some more time with the information you will receive from site search.

Track search keywords in your WordPress website instantly

So here I have come up with Search Meter plugin. Enable site search reports instantly in your WordPress website with this plugin.

A few Digits about the plugin:

  • Compatible up to 4.6.1 (latest till today) WordPress version
  • Average 4 **** ratings.
  • Active install are 40000+
  • More than 2,60,000+ all time downloads.
  • 7 other plugins from the same author

It is noticeable that the plugin providing statistics, having good statistics as well. 🙂 With these digits its features are also very useful. The result looks something like the screenshot given below:

Search Keywords list with Search Meter WordPress Plugin

Search Meter is also having a widget which allows to display most searched keywords on the website. There is another widget which allows to display most recent searches done by users on the website.

Install & Activate SiteMeter Plugin

Follow these steps to install and activate plugin in your WordPress website.

  1. Download the site search plugin from here.
  2. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  3. Go to WP-admin > Plugins > Add New.
  4. Click on Upload Plugin and select the folder just downloaded. Click on “Install Now”.
  5. On the next screen, click on “Activate Plugin”.
  6. Configure preferred plugin settings at WP-admin > Settings > Search Meter.
  7. Find the report of the search keywords at WP-admin > Dashboard > Search Meter.

The plugin by default allows keywords up to 500. Let me know in the comments below if you want to increase this limit.

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