The periodic table of SEO science

The periodic table of SEO science is guidelines for major factors that affects a website’s SEO rank. SearchEngineLand has published various guidelines for SEO frameworks (i.e. Tables) in the past decade. The periodic table of SEO Success factors is latest and they have represented it so nicely that it can be understandable.

In this article we will take an overview of the whole table with some screenshots. So that you will be able to understand the table quickly. The first look: Have a look at the below screenshot of the chart, how it looks all over.

The three colors of periodic table of SEO Success factor

If we observe the table little closely its elements are divided in three different colors. These colors represent three groups:

three groups of Periodic SEO table

  • On-The-Page SEO
  • Off-The-Page SEO
  • Violations










Key factors of the periodic table of SEO Success factor

All the elements (i.e. factors) are included in any one or more of these groups. These sub-groups are called as “Key factors of the periodic table of SEO Success factor”. All are listed here:

Key factors of the periodic table of SEO Success factor

  • Content
  • HTML
  • Architecture
  • Links
  • Social
  • Trust
  • Personalization
  • Violations






Elements of the SEO table

The periodic table of SEO science also has the same method to represent the factors with acronyms. Each factor has two letters as their initial letters/representatives. For example, Content Quality is being represented by Cq in the table.

If you notice there is a number indicator with all the elements in the table. This number shows the impact of it on SEO rank. Higher number impacts more. For example, +3 will impact the SEO rank more while the negative number in violations group will harm the search ranking.

Disclaimer: While it is not a full proofed and final table that contains a perfect combination of elements, the table is prepared based on their SEO experience, experiments, techniques and knowledge. It contains various elements that affects the SEO rank most of the times. They may change or vary.

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