Desired path in a park

User experience in online world plays a vital role. A good user experience must resolve customer’s problems in an enjoyable and effortless manner. There are different tactics available to create a good user experience. But I want to share a small User experience story. A story of delivering good user experience and ultimately good customer experience.

“The University of California at Irvine was one of a group of universities in late nineteens. During the 1960s & 1970s they decided to build their campus without any paths.

Students and faculties simply walked in the grass around the campus building as they pleased, without following a walkway.

A year or so later, once the school could see, where the grass was worn around the buildings, they paved over those paths instead.

The sidewalks at the University of California Irvine don’t simply connect the buildings to one another in a predetermined way… They are mapped to where people “naturally” wants to walk.

Landscape architects call these paths ‘desired paths’.”

[highlight]Moral: Sometimes we need to let the users flow on their own and just observe what they are doing around. We will understand what they are looking after.[/highlight]

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