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Every journey is a curiosity to know something. A person, a place, a history, a thing, etc… My journey to WordCamp Delhi was to meet WordPress community of Delhi and know WordPress better.


The WordPress Community

While initially it wasn’t planned very well by me, I missed the WordCamp tickets. So even before starting my journey, WordPress community did something for me. My friend Chetan had an extra ticket. I can not miss this chance to Thank you, Chetan Prajapati for arranging a ticket for me.

While I know it’s your wish to attend every possible WordCamp, many of us could not attend it. So here I am! By writing this, I would like to share my experience of the WordCamp Delhi. A small contribution of mine to the community. 🙂

There were two tracks going on. I could not attend every session. However, sharing information from various sessions I could attend. They were very informative, useful and motivational.

Before I start sharing the information over sessions, I would like to inform you that there is a WordCamp in my own state Gujarat this time. It is happening at Ahmedabad on October 6th, 7th & 8th. There are very few tickets pending. Grab your tickets soon.

What to say when our customers our doubting WordPress?

“Why should we choose WordPress for our website?” or “Is WordPress secure?” or “Is WordPress reliable?” We have faced such questions many times from our customers. Mr. Rahul Bansal explained this really well in his speech at WordCamp Delhi on 19th August.  The key points he told to share with our customers are:

  • Security: Yes, this is the first point. 🙂 The software which is not open source get hacked too. Keeping secure is not about not using an open source solution. A software is secure when it is regularly updated. WordPress is regularly updated by its community and contributors. To keep any website secure it needs to be updated regularly.
  • Scalability: If your customer’s website is too big then give them some examples of such big websites in WordPress. Such as IndianExpress, Facebook, Ola, etc… are using WordPress.
  • Extensibility: What if a client asks that “what if the plugin doesn’t work for me”? Don’t give vague answers like it is not possible or you will just have to change the plugin. Instead, just give an answer that gives some assurance to the customer such as, I will check it for you or I will find an alternative for you.
  • Free and GPL: The last in this list but not the least. Educate your customer that it is free and under GPL. That is if required you can assure your customer that you are not tied up to me if you use WordPress. It has a big community. Whenever if you are unhappy with my work, you can go ahead with someone else too. This sounds weird to tell your customer to go to someone else but Mr. Rahul Bansal explained that it works quite well! Instead, the customer will start trusting you more.

How to get leads from social media?

From various lead generation channels like online marketing, viral marketing, Email Marketing, Cause Marketing, Event Marketing, etc… Parth Pandya talked over “Relationship Marketing” using Social Media at the WordCamp. He is a CEO, and Founder of a full service agency. By passion, he is a marketer, WordCamp Ahmedabad Co-organizer and a jolly person to interact with. One will always enjoy “Chai pe Charcha” with him.

What is Relationship Marketing? – Relationship marketing is a facet of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than short-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales.

A customer buys a theme, plugin or service from us. What’s next? We may upsell him a few more service or plugins on it. What’s next? Most powerful return value a customer can give us is “word of mouth”. The strongest thing that can make any business lose or win.

Goal of Relationship Marketing: The Goal of Relationship Marketing is to create strong, even emotional customer connections to a brand that lead to ongoing business, free word-of-mouth promotion and information from customers that can generate leads.

Here, Parth explained that if you have a good relationship with your customer, you will win him for the lifetime. As well as he will promote your service among other people too who can be your prospective customers. Now, to connect with them you can do various activities such as wish them a new year on their religious new year or wish them a “Happy Birthday” on their birthdays. Your customer will remember you when you take care of his small things and this will lead you to a greater relationship with them as well.

There are three aspects using which you can implement your relationship marketing:

  1. Affinity: Building affinity is building an emotional connection between the customer and a business/brand. By business or brand, it involves your product or service. Wishing your customer on his birthday or anniversary accelerates building affinity. You can really build a good relationship with your customers if you go beyond their expectations. Know your customer expectations and try to achieve them or go beyond them. Also, this will take time. Creating a brand is not an overnight task. Similarly, building any relationship is not an overnight task. It takes its own time.
  2. Discovery: Help your customers find you easily. This is very simple and straight forward. Let’s take an example of Twitter. People use of Hashtags, trends, and keywords on Twitter. For example, If you are selling a wedding theme and using the hashtag #weddingtemplate, #wordpressweddingtheme, etc… in your tweets then people searching with these keywords over Twitter will be able to find you easily.
  3. Validation: Validation is the phase when a customer finds you but still he doesn’t trust you. This would be a decision making step whether a customer would like to go with you or not. To make your potential customer trust you, you can do various activities such as publish blogs which your audience like to read about. Develop relevant social media strategy. Create a positive memorable experience for your existing and pre-sales customers. I have shared here a few good incidents when various companies created never forgetting like experience with their customers. Doing so, the customer will surely be with you and spread word-of-mouth for others to be with you.

Now to apply above three aspects to any WordPress business he also gave some tips such as:

  • Do a contribution over WordPress. So that your customers can know that you are an expert of the platform. This covers Validation.
  • Attend community meetups and WordCamps. You can build the relationship over here as well as achieve the validation.
  • To engage with your customers – be an active user of social media platforms. Provide them the content and information they are looking for.
  • Each customer is not the same. You may have different types of customers. So segment your customers. According to each segment, you can create the further customer engagement plans. This will make you better at Affinity.
  • Understand what customer is looking for. What is there that he does not like. Based on it you can provide them the solution and it also helps in increasing sales.
  • Look where the customer is locked. That said, try to find the loopholes which are stopping your customer to buy from you. This covers the Discovery.

Lastly, he said, “Simplicity, Honesty, and Loyalty results in Customer Delight” which is the motto of “Relationship Marketing”.

How to keep first time visitors on your website?

WordCamp Experience -Gaganjeet session

Do you want to win first time visitor’s trust to stay long on your website? Do you want to reduce bounce rate of your first time visitors? Mr. Damanjeet Singh from XLPlugins has shared his own experience and knowledge to reduce this bounce rate and get engaged more with your first time visitors. Key takeaways from this session were:

  • Headline: Give a relevant headline that answers the following three questions:
    • 1. What do you offer?
    • 2. For Whom?
    • 3. End goal you help achieve?
  • Example: If you are a web design company a good headline would be like this: “Helping Small Business Owners Build Beautiful Websites That Generate More Leads”. Here “Build beautiful websites” covers the first question, “Helping Small Business Owners” covers the second and “Generate More Leads” covers the third.
  • Highlight your process: Your visitors will trust you only if they know you. Let your visitors know how you work?
  • Show that others trust you by adding testimonials, reviews, etc…
  • who you are?: Do you think to be an anonymous provider works? No. If you want to win your visitor’s trust let them know your story, who you are. Share your story.
  • What is a beautiful website?: This question was raised by one of the attendees and beautifully answered by the speaker Damanjeet Singh, “A website that connects you with your users/visitors is a beautiful website”.

What else I got from WordCamp Delhi?

  • Cool swags

WordCamp Experience - Swags    WordCamp Experience -Swag


  • Met some lovely people like Woo Happiness engineers, GiveWP people, Ahmedabad WordPress community people and many more.

Woo Happiness team


WordCamp Experience -Chetan Mehul

WordCamp Ahmedabad Team


  • Twitted a lot! 🙂


  • Met Harsh Agrawal from Shoutmeloud.

WordCamp Experience -Harsh Agrawal


  • Learned about and arising payment gateway – Payoneer. So much more. Can’t cover everything here in single post. 🙂

It paid off very well after staying woke up for more than 36 hours for WordCamp Delhi. A really good experience for me. A big thank you to WordPress WordCamp Delhi organizers, volunteers, attendees & speakers.

I hope you liked reading my WordCamp experience. Would you like to get the same experience? Next WordCamp is at Ahmedabad, Gujarat on October 6, 7 & 8, 2017.

See you there at WordCamp Ahmedabad in October. 🙂

Hey Buddy, I like to share my experience of web through this website. I like to read and experiment about websites, WordPress, sales & service, analytics, SEO, etc... Feel free to ask me anytime if you are seeking for any help mate. :)

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