Zeplin for designers and developers

Many of us would agree that the success of a project majorly depends on the designer and developer understanding.

Designers are always very creative people. Every design created by them has a purpose and meaning. This has to be communicated well to the developers.

Otherwise what happens is that your ingredients are something else and your cooked dish is something else. You may be waiting for Sizzler and you may get served fried rice. 😀

Why Zeplin is like a fidget spinner?

I believe that Zeplin is a stress reliever like Fidget spinner for all the project members such as Project Managers, Marketing People, Quality Analysts, etc… It is most helpful for the designers and developers. Following prominent features of Zeplin will give you an answer to the above:

Design Specification: It’s time to remove all the hurdle of preparing design specifications to pass to the developers. Zeplin has the inbuilt feature using which you can create the specifications so easy that the development becomes very smooth without much extra efforts of the explanation. It also creates an environment to have exact pixel-perfect output in one shot.

Style Guides: Creating style guides is as easy as filling up a contact form. Just select the element from any page that you want to add in your style guide. There will be an option to add it to the style-guide. Once clicked the element will be added and displayed in your project style guide! You can download CSS as well as SCSS from the style guide tab. This just doesn’t speed up the development but enhances the overall quality as well. You can add style-guide for various components such as headers, fonts, colors, etc…

On design discussion: Just think of a tool where you can discuss with the tab about a specific section on the same page you are working. Isn’t it good and a lot of time-saving? It also improvises the design understanding to the whole team and brings them on a single page if any confusion is there.

Quick Measurements: One of the best features that I like most is, Zeplin provides all the information of a layer or section of the design once clicked on it.

Slack: A beautiful addition to the Zeplin is Slack integration. Designers and developers both get notifications via slack if any updates are made into the designs.

Asset Management: Zeplin does not provide a better asset management. Instead,  with Zeplin no asset management is required. It saves your time of finding assets of designs through folders. You can export the assets directly from the screen.


When a design is converted to code, it is very difficult to keep it as same as design. You can make your design easy to understand for the developers and the whole team easily by using Zeplin. Its prominent features help you accelerating the project development and initial project discussions as well.

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